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The Pearl Moments collection

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In the "Pearl Moments" collection you will develop into worlds of exciting moments and breathtaking events. The dresses in the collection are specially adapted for emotional brides looking for the purest and most magical way to express themselves.

"Moments of the pearl" combines the unique beauty of the pearl with the exciting feelings and modesty of the modest bride. Every wedding dress in the collection combines perfectly between the beauty of the shining pearl and the unique modesty and modesty.

The description of the collection affects in an exciting way and captures the heart, according to the keywords "wedding dresses" and "pearl moments". The dresses indulge themselves with the smallest treats, with the unique and magical details. They reflect the perfect way to connect the external beauty with the deep and spectacular interior of the bride.

Modest_Wedding_Dresses_Ayelet_Shlomo (335)
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