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שמלות כלה צנועות איילת שלמה במרכז 1 (68)

Ayelet Shlomo - a recommended bridal salon specializing in modest wedding and evening dresses, tailored according to the design and personal taste of each bride. In the Salon you can find a rich selection of modest wedding dresses and spectacular evening dresses, handmade and of the highest quality. The dresses are designed with a special design and personal taste, high-quality and fashionable fabrics, in addition, when renting a wedding dress, any change or addition can be adjusted according to personal needs. At the Ayelet Shlomo salon, we undertake to provide a unique and personalized tailoring experience to our dear brides. Enjoy the selection of the most amazing and high quality dresses, call today to schedule an appointment. Ayelet Shlomo - over 20 years of experience in the ultra-orthodox and religious community!

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