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The Holy Breath collection

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In the "Breath of the Holy" collection you will find the holy and spectacular beauty that combines in a unique way. The dresses in the collection are decorated with wonderful decorations that give you a wonderful atmosphere of holiness and soul.

"The Holy Breath" is the perfect collection for brides who want to explore the inner beauty in a special way. The dresses are decorated with sharp and delicate details, allowing you to breathe your inner holiness and concentrate on the joy of your wonderful moment.

The description of the collection conveys the key words "wedding dresses" and "the breath of holiness" in a unique way. The dresses are elaborately designed and illuminate your sanctity and inner soul. They combine wonderfully with every exciting and authentic moment of your important day.

In the "Breath of the Holy" collection, each dress reflects the sacred interior within you. It allows you to conduct yourself in the external world with holiness and breath, and gives you the wonderful atmosphere of passion and focus on the sacred values ​​in your life.

המעצבת איילת שלמה - קולקציית רחמים של אור (23)
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