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The light contrast collection

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In the "Contrast of Light" collection, you will find the spectacular beauty that results from a combination of the contrasts that flourish in their content. The dresses in the collection give life and a feeling of an organic journey between dark and light shades, adding an unusual level of splendor to you.

"The contrast of the light" is the perfect collection for brides who want to show the optimism and the inner light in the most beautiful way. The dresses are designed with a combination of materials and shades that communicate between contrasts, and produce a unique look that reflects the magic of dealing with everyday life.

The collection description evokes the key words "wedding dresses" and "light contrast" wonderfully. The dresses are decorated with special buckles that match the different contrasts in the collection, and create a wonderful effect of combining light and dark, the glow and the dark.

In the "Contrast of Light" collection, each dress is an expression of the rare ability to deal with the positive and negative contrasts in life. It allows you to present the light of your soul and integrate it in an accessible and beautiful way in your appearance.

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