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Plus size collection

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In the "Plus Size" collection you will find the dresses specially adapted for plus size women, with a focus on their style, comfort and uniqueness. The dresses in the collection were created with the aim of offering you the most perfect experience on your important day.

"Plus Size" is the perfect collection for plus size brides who want to feel beautiful, confident and completely comfortable in their wedding dress. The dresses in the collection were designed with great care and with an emphasis on the pastoral and warmth of the modest style.

The collection description evokes the key words "wedding dresses" and "plus sizes" in an impressive and inspiring way. The dresses are carefully designed with artistic details, modern folds and attention-grabbing connections that give the dress a modern, beautiful and special look.

In the "large sizes" collection, each dress is specially designed in order to brand the beauty and inner masterpiece of each bride. The dresses combine high-quality fabrics, loose cuts and unique details, provide presence and lead you to feel wonderful on your important day.

שמלות כלה צנועות מידות גדולות איילת שלמה (34)XL
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