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How to find the perfect modest wedding dress for you


A wedding dress is one of the most important items in every woman's life. It should be beautiful, special, and fit the bride's personality. For Orthodox/religious or traditional women, a modest wedding dress is the right choice. Modest wedding dresses are fashionable, up-to-date, and there is a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from.

What is a modest wedding dress?

A modest wedding dress is a dress that does not reveal too much of the body. It is made of materials that are not transparent, and does not include large openings or deep cuts. Many modest wedding dresses cover the shoulders, arms, and legs.

Modest wedding dress styles

There are a wide variety of styles of modest wedding dresses. Some of the most popular styles include:

How to choose a modest wedding dress?

Choosing a modest wedding dress is an important process. It is important to choose a dress that fits the bride's personality, and is comfortable and looks good.

Here are some tips for choosing a modest wedding dress:

The Designer Ayelet Shlomo

Ayelet Shlomo is an appreciated designer of modest wedding dresses. She specializes in designing fashionable, up-to-date wedding dresses that respect tradition. Ayelet Shlomo's wedding dresses are of high quality, and are suitable for any body type.

If you are looking for a modest wedding dress, contact the designer Ayelet Shlomo. She will be able to help you find the perfect dress for you.

Family events are a great opportunity to demonstrate unity and family. One of the things that can contribute to this feeling is matching the evening dresses of the family members.

Matching evening dresses can be a daunting task, but it is definitely possible. With the help of the following tips and rules, you can create harmony in your family's style and look amazing together.

Tip number 1: focus on shades

One of the easiest things to do to match evening dresses is to focus on shades. Choose one or two main shades, and keep your evening dresses within this color range. For example, if you are planning a summer-inspired family event, you can choose light shades like pink, blue or light blue.

If you want to create a bolder look, you can choose stronger shades such as burgundy, green or yellow. However, it is important to keep tones harmonious with each other. For example, if you choose a dark orange evening dress, you can choose yellow or green evening dresses for the rest of the family.

שמלות ערב - 5 טיפים איך מתאימים שמלות ערב בין כל בנות המשפחה איילת שלמה (1)

Photo: Livnat Yehuda

Tip number 2: focus on design

If you want to create a more special look, you can match your evening dresses in design as well. For example, if you are looking for a classic look, you can choose full-length evening dresses with similar lace. If you are looking for a more trendy look, you can choose three-quarter length evening dresses with a medium drape.

In order to create a harmonious look, it is important to choose a design that suits the age and body shape of each member of the family. For example, if you have a little girl in the family, you can choose an evening dress for girls with lace or cute prints. If you have an elderly woman in the family, you can choose an elegant evening dress with long sleeves and solid colors.

Tip number 3: Focus on the details

The small details can make the difference between a harmonious look and an uneven look. For example, if you choose evening dresses in different colors, you can match your buckles, shoes or jewelry to create a uniform look.

To create a perfect look, it is important to choose details that match the personal style of each member of the family. For example, if you have a woman in the family who likes colorful style, you can choose bright colored buckles or shoes. If you have a woman in the family who likes classic style, you can choose gold or silver buckles or shoes.

שמלות ערב - 5 טיפים איך מתאימים שמלות ערב בין כל בנות המשפחה איילת שלמה (2)

Photo: Livnat Yehuda

Tip number 4: Consider the nature of the event

Your family event is an excellent opportunity to express your personality. If you are planning an event with many guests, you can choose more formal evening dresses. If you are planning an event with few participants, you can choose lighter evening dresses.

It is important to choose evening dresses that match the nature of the event. For example, if you are planning a wedding event, you can choose elegant evening dresses with long sleeves. If you are planning a beach wedding event, you can choose evening dresses made of silk fabrics in shades of the beach and shades of the sea.

Tip number 5: Don't be afraid to experiment

Experimenting and receiving feedback from those around you will guide you in the right way in the process of matching and finding the perfect harmony, you can always rely on experience from past events, because as you remember in every event you participated in you saw all kinds of special things and styles that you wanted to try.

In addition, feel free to consult with the designer Ayelet Shlomo with any questions via the WhatsApp button on the website below on the right side.

Good luck and most importantly be attentive to the feminine woman inside you.


When it comes to choosing the perfect evening dress, there are countless styles and trends to consider. One of the styles that managed to gain a foothold in the hearts of many is the Boho Chic style dress for the evening. With the multitude of special options it offers - how can you be quite sure that this is a trend worth considering? In this article, we will explore what is special about Boho Chic evening dresses and why they have become so popular.

The attractive factors of Boho Chic style evening dresses:

Boho Chic, meaning humane and free, is a fashion style that leaves its romantic and bohemian stamp that has been going on since the beginning of the 60s and 70s. The style focuses on a relaxed and effortless aesthetic, carried on items with wide cuts, natural materials and a reddish color palette. The Boho Chic style evening dresses join this thought and offer a fresh look at the traditional evening dresses.

Key features of Boho Chic style evening dresses:

  1. Flowing cuts: the evening dresses in Boho Chic style are common with flowing and wide cuts. They prefer comfort and freedom of movement, and are perfectly suited to events in the open air and events in the heat.
  2. Natural materials: these evening dresses are mainly known for using natural and breathable materials such as cotton, linen, and rye. This choice not only improves comfort, but also conveys the special bohemian aesthetic.
  3. Reddish color palette: Reddish colors like peach, turquoise, pink and rouge break out in the Boho Chic evening dresses. This feature gives a feeling of connection to nature and creates a romantic and soft look.
  4. Intricate details: the Boho Chic style evening dresses use intricate details such as pageantry, high level sewing, and crochet. These suit the relaxed and elegant style of these evening dresses.

Suitable events for Boho Chic style evening dresses:

The Boho Chic style evening dresses are a successful touch for various events:

  1. Weddings in Boho Chic style: many brides choose romantic and natural Boho dresses for their wedding. Bridesmaids can also choose Boho Chic dresses to match the overall style.
  1. Events in the gardens: whether it is a garden wedding, a summer event or a garden party, Boho Chic style evening dresses are perfectly suited to natural and fresh environments.
  2. Weddings on the beach: The lightness and airiness of Boho Chic dresses makes them perfect for weddings on the beach, where both comfort and style are required.
  3. Festivals and concerts: bohemian fashion is also found at music festivals and open-air concerts, where the free style blends perfectly with the separate options of the event.
שמלת ערה בסגנון בוהו שיק, מתאימה לאירועים בסגנונות בוהו שיק בטבע

Suggestions for a successful purchase of a Boho Chic style evening dress:

When you are looking for the Boho Chic dress that you will leave with a sense of uniqueness, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Comfort is everything: choose a dress that closely matches your comfort level and gives freedom of movement. A dress with wide scarves and breathable materials will help with this.
  2. Accessorize accordingly: To complete the look, you can upgrade the dress with items like flower crowns, pleated jewelry, and Boho shoes with a natural look.
  3. Customization: Many prefer to buy the Boho Chic evening dresses custom-made, since everyone has their own personal taste. Some designers offer customization options, allowing you to upgrade the look exactly as you want.


The Boho Chic style evening dresses offer a refreshing contrast to the traditional Arab dresses. Thanks to the flowing cuts, the natural materials, the reddish color palette and the elaborate details, the Boho Chic style evening dresses were seen as a brilliant option to the traditional styles. Whether you are planning a Boho Chic style wedding, celebrating in the garden with friends, dreaming of a beach wedding or simply looking to express your style and freedom, Boho Chic style evening dresses provide a perfect solution that combines elegance and comfort. Explore the world of bohemian fashion and discover the unique charm that separates these dresses from other styles.


The search for a perfect wedding dress is a difficult part of the preparation process for the important day. When the dress is the most central factor in any wedding, people are looking for something special, special in an organized and natural style. A Boho Chic style wedding dress is one of the most impressive and trendy options in recent years, and in this article we will bring you the rules and tips for choosing a perfect Boho Chic wedding dress.

Boho Chic wedding dress - the trend behind it

Boho is a term used to describe a special fashion style that combines the free aesthetic and the romantic atmosphere. The bohemian style, boho, is characterized by an emphasis on modest, green, and natural fashion, when it's time to talk about boho chic style wedding dresses, it means wedding dresses that combine the beautiful and elegant with the comfortable and natural touches. Also, they also give a sense of modern fashion and leftism.

Boho chic wedding dresses - the arrival of the trend in the world of weddings

So how do we write proximity to Google when looking for a boho chic style wedding dress? The answer will of course be in keywords such as "boho wedding dresses", "boho style wedding dresses", "bohemian style wedding dress", and of course "natural wedding dresses".

שמלת כלה בוהו שיק - איילת שלמה- כתבה

Boho chic wedding dresses - tips for choosing

  1. The natural sensitivity: a boho chic style wedding dress should provide a feeling of softness and naturalness. Much attention should be paid to the body structure and look like a part of it. The dress should be pleasant and not increase the feeling of obstruction and restraint.
  2. The colorful aesthetic: Boho style wedding dresses are usually in natural shades such as white, light blue, cream or even cream. The choice of a natural shade fits well with the bohemian idea and gives a romantic and delicate look.
  3. The materials and details: Boho chic wedding dresses are able to combine wonderfully with natural materials such as chiffon, cotton, lace and satin. The small details, such as flowers, ties, hand sewing and more, are concentrated in order to create the overall bohemian style.

Always remember that a wedding is a long and special day. If you have chosen a Boho Chic style wedding dress, and this is the idea, you can enjoy maximum comfort with the help of the soft coats that are pleasant to the touch, low shoes and natural tennis shoes.


A Boho chic style wedding dress is a perfect choice for a couple looking for the most romantic and natural look on the most important day of their life. The style goes well with the modest and natural wedding aesthetic, and it gives the bride and groom the opportunity to feel free and ready for a particularly impressive experience.

At the end of the day, this decision is private and personal, and if the bohemian style is your identity and the boho chic score is what captures your heart, then why not take that step and walk towards the big day naturally and beautifully?

While waiting for the long-awaited marriage, the ultra-Orthodox bride fills her days with spiritual, emotional and physical preparations. The approach to marriage is a fascinating and complex inner journey, in which she faces mixed emotions of hope, worry and composure. The bride strengthens herself in faith, in prayer and in the service of God, and invests enormous effort in order to prepare spiritually and physically for the long-awaited wedding.

The place of prayer: the ultra-Orthodox heart

One of the most important places of connection during the preparation for marriage is the synagogue. The ultra-Orthodox bride understands that the synagogue is not only a place for prayer, but also a place of support and connection to the religious community. She is excited that she is part of a large Jewish community, which preserves the Jewish tradition and faith, and she finds comfort and help in the warm ranks of the members of the community.

The treasure of faith: the Torah as a guide

The Torah is the treasure of orthodox faith and life. It is full of deep tradition, laws, commandments and instructions for the holy life. The ultra-Orthodox bride is busy learning the laws related to a healthy lifestyle

The Parshiyot of the week and delving into the wisdom of the Torah. She understands that the Torah is a guide and a light for her life, and that it provides her with the spiritual tools to deal with life's challenges revealed in marriage.

The happy meals: solidify the spirit and connection

During the preparations for the marriage, the ultra-Orthodox bride is dedicated to happy meals in the circle of family and close friends. These are moments of joy and authority, in which the dreams and expectations of the bride come true. She connects with different people, strengthens the connections and receives the support and love of broad tolerance and patience with the flu of emotions that accompanies this time.

Desires of the heart: transition from girl to woman

The transition from the advantages of a single to an organized life for a woman is an exciting and excellent process. The Orthodox bride understands that she is entering a new framework, a new role and a new sense of responsibility. She leaves behind her the period of personal elections and frees herself up to give herself there with an open mind and readiness to meet the challenges that will come. She awakens to the importance of this transition and the excitement of the new forces she will face as she enters her new role.

Acceptance of the couple: the eternal partnership

Receiving the couple is a critical moment in the preparations for marriage. She understands that her choice in her mate is a critical choice that will affect all areas of life to come. She observes the synagogue club, holy grounds and close friends, has deep conversations with her parents and family members and puts a lot of thought and prayer into her choice. She understands that the relationship is fertile ground for building a common unit, for an eternal partnership in love, support and a view of value.

Hopes and dreams: against the norm

The ultra-orthodox bride experiences special values ​​in her hopes and dreams. She dreams of an abundant Purim life, of sons and daughters who will be great in the Torah and mitzvot, and of a marriage home that will be in keeping with the Torah and the ultra-Orthodox tradition. She invests herself in achieving these dreams and creating spiritual and living foundations that invest in the ultra-orthodox ideology.

Risks and challenges: face with strength and faith

The preparations for the ultra-Orthodox marriage also include dealing with various risks and challenges. The bride understands that she will be strengthened in strength and faith to face difficulties that may arise during the new life. She knows that there will be moments of fatigue and feelings of spiritual abyss, but she knows the value of facing difficulties and faces the challenges with strength of spirit and understanding that this is part of the ultra-Orthodox recruitment process.

Success and blessing: the great gift

The ultra-Orthodox bride waits for the marriage with the hope and confidence that it will be out of sacrifice to God and the Torah tradition. She understands that the extensive preparations she went through, the prayers, the nerves and the ready love she gives - are all part of the holy process and they prepare her to receive blessing and success. The bride's success is a great gift that brings with it a lot of joy and redemption, and she is ready to receive it with gratitude and joy.


The process of preparing for marriage in ultra-Orthodox society is a fascinating and long spiritual journey. The ultra-orthodox bride experiences vague feelings, hopes, dreams and challenges, and she invests all her energies in spiritual, emotional and physical preparation for the long-awaited marriage. She understands the value of tradition and faith, and sanctifies herself in prayer, days of repentance, studying the Torah and accepting ultra-Orthodox legislation. During the days of preparation, she manages to connect the spiritual part with the material part, and create the important family and social ties in her life. With these preparations, the ultra-Orthodox bride brings herself to the next stage of her life, with hope and peace.

The ultra-orthodox couple understands that together they can realize a common vision and walk the journey of life hand in hand. They begin the journey with the understanding that hope is an important engine in the journey of life, and from there they tend to be linked to each other in a special way.

The party of life: celebration and joy

Haredi life is full of partying and celebration, and not for nothing. They understand that life is a precious gift of the Shi'at, and with its help they can create the most wonderful joy in the world. They behave consciously towards their daily lives, and try to make every moment a unique and happy moment. The wedding celebration is just one of the big parties they hold during their lives.

Absolute partnership: together forever

The ultra-orthodox couple knows that complete partnership is the key to happiness and success. They are not only an ideal couple, but also best friends. They share with each other all the difficult and easy moments on their way, and together they face all the challenges that may arise. Whether they are on the highest mountain or in the deepest valley, they keep walking together, because they know they have no limits when they are together.

A special gift: the ultra-Orthodox couple

The ultra-Orthodox couple is a special gift of the Shi'ite. The ultra-orthodox couples know how to hold exciting marriage evenings, in which they conduct themselves according to the deacon, within a religious and traditional framework. They study together the Torah and the ultra-Orthodox ways of life, hold a celebration of Kiddoshin and maintain the love and sanctity between them. They promise that joy and love will accompany them throughout the journey of life together.

Thus, they build together a wonderful ultra-Orthodox existence, in which love, faith and joy are wrapped around each other like a wrapped and satisfying shield. They pride themselves on being part of a great nation that maintains traditional and Jewish values, and they indulge themselves during this journey of love in joy, happiness and sanctification.

There was once an ultra-orthodox couple who faced the limitations of the religious and community framework. But within this tight framework, a great and unique love blossomed, arising from a shared effort to understand each other and find the absolute connection between them.

Forgiveness and softness

The ultra-Orthodox couple destroys the myths and fixed relationships, crashes on the brides of friction and the differences between them, and creates a flame of love that knows no boundaries. They share moments of tenderness, when the other half is stuck inside them like iron grooves. They strengthen each other with the deepest and greatest love, and with the help of the wonderful holiness that is shared in every moment between them.

Dreams and hopes

Whether it's in the middle of the field or while sleeping, the ultra-Orthodox couple dreams together and gives the future periods the special moments of excitement. They dream of a home full of joy and love, of children who will fill the house with laughter and smiles, and of a promising future where all hopes and dreams come true. The eternal love in their hearts gives them inspiration and strength to keep dreaming and hoping, even when reality shows darkness.

Faith and coping

The ultra-orthodox couple learns to face the increasing challenges in their way, with the help of their strong and enduring faith. They know that every difficult moment is just a test that they can pass, and after which a bright and happy future awaits them. The faith in their hearts oversees their high-profile and varied life path, and reminds them to stay connected to each other even in moments of fatigue and difficulty.

Worldly love

The ultra-orthodox couple's love transcends the religious and social frameworks, and spreads to all the four winds of the world. They manage to invest the special love in their hearts in every word they struggle to say, in every deed they hold, and in every habit they prepare for their joint journey. They understand that true love has no boundaries, and that they can give and receive unlimited love.

Truth, love, and stability

The ultra-Orthodox couple manage to find the deepest truth between them, expressed in eternal love and stability in which they persevere. They are aware that the existence of love requires hard work, but they are willing to put in the effort and time required to ensure that their marital upheaval is durable and full of happiness.

Adventures and roses

The ultra-orthodox couple is proud of the fact that they know how to discover the beauty and roses in the daily routine. They know the importance of adventure in life, so they look for ways to live as if they cherish every given moment. They know how to create the little surprises and journeys that give life a special flavor and character of happiness and joy.

Celebrations according to Halacha

When the special day arrived, the ultra-orthodox couple boasted about their celebration, which meets the traditional halachic requirements. They wish to dedicate this moment to the honor of the Torah and faith, and therefore mobilize with great joy to establish a holy wedding in all its splendor. They promise to live the day in a special way, within their religious and cultural framework, so that the wedding reflects the deep value of love and sanctification.

The endless journey

The ultra-Orthodox couple begins their endless journey knowing that every day is a new beginning. They understand that life together is full of challenges and opportunities for growth, and are ready to go through them together. Through the strong love between them, they manage to face the difficulties and strengthen each other at every stage of the journey.

The ultra-orthodox couple discovers the deep truth about the relationship and the hopes of marriage. Through eternal love, strong faith, and following tradition, they manage to build a deep and true bond where every moment can be transparent to holiness and love. They write their unique love story in imagination, and share it with the world, holding hands and going together to meet their promising future.

The new reality

When the ultra-Orthodox bride plans her transition from the single reality to a marital dynasty, it is an encounter with a new and distinct reality. This is the time when she refrains from going up to the podium and must deal with the new value systems, regulations and expectations that prevent her from being an individual and sometimes even just an outburst of emotions and imaginations that include men, weddings and families. But what actually happens?

Growth and development

The ultra-Orthodox bride preparing for married life discovers within herself many processes of personal growth and development. This is the time when she realizes that her preparation begins with herself and with the right partner, and that the transition from being single to being married is not simple but affects all areas of her life. Through processes of consciousness, the bride deals with thoughts, feelings and dreams related to the future married life. She strengthens her faith in Hashem and understands that her goal is to build a home out of love, holiness and joy.

Life planning

The process of planning life after the wedding is very important. The bride begins to think and dream about what awaits her in married life: building a house, buying a special place, children, roles in the community and more. Every thought and dream about the future from everyone comes only from love and the conquest of a whole heart. When the bride is engaged in planning her future life, she focuses on questions and thoughts that affect her and the couple's career, financial means and personality.


Transitioning from being single to being married is a fascinating and complex adventure in the life of the ultra-Orthodox bride. The processes in which the personal and spiritual building processes preceding the wedding are completed are a source of powerful growth, development and change. The bride who is ready for these changes and struggles with them with absolute strength, can experience a special process that allows her to deal with the changes she has to deal with. The sense of peace and confidence in Hashem, the spiritual support and faith in the ultra-orthodox social system are the foundations for the bride's success in this fascinating process.

Emotional and Spiritual Preparations: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Brides


The journey of preparing to be a bride is full of feelings of fog, joy and anticipation. For ultra-Orthodox Jewish brides, this journey includes not only physical but also emotional and spiritual preparations that are deeply integrated into their religious and cultural traditions. In this article, we will explore the importance of emotional and spiritual preparations for ultra-Orthodox Jewish brides and provide valuable insights to navigate this new year with grace and Brazilian poise.

1. Accept the emotional rollercoaster

Getting ready for a wedding is undoubtedly a rollercoaster of emotions. From the excitement of choosing the perfect dress to the overwhelming anxiety of managing guest lists and logistical details, it is important to recognize and accept the wide range of emotions that may arise. By experiencing and dealing with these feelings, you can survive this emotional train with dignity and resilience.

2. Valuing personal spirituality

From the moment the date is set and the preparations begin, it is important to make room for the existence and strengthening of personal spirituality. This can include awareness of renewing communication with God, prayer and contemplation. For some brides, the moments of turning and concentrating in front of God are very significant in the preparation process and give a sense of style and spiritual joy.

3. Conversations with wise women and spiritual leaders

In the ultra-Orthodox community, there is a huge advantage in the wealth of wisdom and spiritual leadership of the older women. Conversations with wise women and spiritual leaders can be a source of inspiration and support in the preparation process. They can provide advice, reinforcement and guidance within the framework of religious tradition and values.

4. Creating spaces for experimentation and innovation

During the preparations, it is important to create spaces for experimentation and innovation suitable for each bride individually. It can be a space for design, creation or creative work that flows according to the inner feeling and personal style of the bride. These spaces offer spiritual happiness, quality time and an opportunity to contact the ancient and modern tradition at the same time.

5. Strengthening physical and mental ability

After a lot of time and dealing with the preparations, it is important to gain physical and mental strength and energy. A regular practice of physical activity, such as walking or practicing yoga, can ensure connection with the body and provide mental calm. Spiritual customs such as the choir procession, prayer and remembrance of good deeds can give a spiritual boost and spark to brides at this time.


Preparing for the wedding is a fascinating journey that gives the bride an opportunity to experience a special spiritual and emotional process. With the help of the spiritual support, the connection with tradition and spiritual leadership, the practice of physical ability and personal independence, the bride will be able to create a real experience of joy, style and connection with herself and with the Holy One, blessed be He, in the days before the wedding. Use this time consciously and feel the holiness of this special place in your life.


Within the ultra-Orthodox community, weddings are exciting and unique events. The venue of the event is filled with joy, dancing, and familiar songs that give a feeling of celebration and joy. During the planning and preparations for the wedding, the wedding dresses and the evening dresses affect the overall outlook and feel of the event. In the ultra-Orthodox community, wedding dresses and evening dresses are special and pleasant and suit the bride's tastes and the modest and traditional style of the wedding.

Modest wedding dresses: modest beauty and modernity

The modest wedding dresses in the ultra-orthodox community refer to designs that are careful about modesty and the preservation of religious tradition. They reflect the personal tastes of the bride and also fit the requirements of the religion and the community. Elegant, classic and modest designs infuse a sense of femininity and updated fashion. The dresses are carefully designed, preserving the appropriate modesty and unique appearance of the bride on her wedding day.

Modest evening dresses: fashion and femininity in the ultra-orthodox community

The modest evening dresses are an integral part of the important events in the ultra-orthodox community. They are specially adapted to modest tastes and suitable for the period and style of the event. The dresses give a fine look and are designed according to the standard of modesty and religious tradition. Accurate designs, decorated menus and quality details give the bride a spectacular and unique look on her big day.


Weddings in the ultra-orthodox community are wonderful and exciting events. The modest wedding dresses and the modest evening dresses are an integral part of the bride's appearance and the general feeling of the event. In the ultra-orthodox community, the focus is on modest and spectacular designs that fit the requirements of religion and tradition. The wedding dresses and the modest evening dresses give the bride an extraordinary look and personal taste, while maintaining modesty and beauty.

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