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Moving from single to married lineage - the dream of the ultra-orthodox bride

The new reality

When the ultra-Orthodox bride plans her transition from the single reality to a marital dynasty, it is an encounter with a new and distinct reality. This is the time when she refrains from going up to the podium and must deal with the new value systems, regulations and expectations that prevent her from being an individual and sometimes even just an outburst of emotions and imaginations that include men, weddings and families. But what actually happens?

Growth and development

The ultra-Orthodox bride preparing for married life discovers within herself many processes of personal growth and development. This is the time when she realizes that her preparation begins with herself and with the right partner, and that the transition from being single to being married is not simple but affects all areas of her life. Through processes of consciousness, the bride deals with thoughts, feelings and dreams related to the future married life. She strengthens her faith in Hashem and understands that her goal is to build a home out of love, holiness and joy.

Life planning

The process of planning life after the wedding is very important. The bride begins to think and dream about what awaits her in married life: building a house, buying a special place, children, roles in the community and more. Every thought and dream about the future from everyone comes only from love and the conquest of a whole heart. When the bride is engaged in planning her future life, she focuses on questions and thoughts that affect her and the couple's career, financial means and personality.


Transitioning from being single to being married is a fascinating and complex adventure in the life of the ultra-Orthodox bride. The processes in which the personal and spiritual building processes preceding the wedding are completed are a source of powerful growth, development and change. The bride who is ready for these changes and struggles with them with absolute strength, can experience a special process that allows her to deal with the changes she has to deal with. The sense of peace and confidence in Hashem, the spiritual support and faith in the ultra-orthodox social system are the foundations for the bride's success in this fascinating process.

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