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שמלת כלה בוהו שיק - איילת שלמה

What is a Boho Chic wedding dress?


The search for a perfect wedding dress is a difficult part of the preparation process for the important day. When the dress is the most central factor in any wedding, people are looking for something special, special in an organized and natural style. A Boho Chic style wedding dress is one of the most impressive and trendy options in recent years, and in this article we will bring you the rules and tips for choosing a perfect Boho Chic wedding dress.

Boho Chic wedding dress - the trend behind it

Boho is a term used to describe a special fashion style that combines the free aesthetic and the romantic atmosphere. The bohemian style, boho, is characterized by an emphasis on modest, green, and natural fashion, when it's time to talk about boho chic style wedding dresses, it means wedding dresses that combine the beautiful and elegant with the comfortable and natural touches. Also, they also give a sense of modern fashion and leftism.

Boho chic wedding dresses - the arrival of the trend in the world of weddings

So how do we write proximity to Google when looking for a boho chic style wedding dress? The answer will of course be in keywords such as "boho wedding dresses", "boho style wedding dresses", "bohemian style wedding dress", and of course "natural wedding dresses".

שמלת כלה בוהו שיק - איילת שלמה- כתבה

Boho chic wedding dresses - tips for choosing

  1. The natural sensitivity: a boho chic style wedding dress should provide a feeling of softness and naturalness. Much attention should be paid to the body structure and look like a part of it. The dress should be pleasant and not increase the feeling of obstruction and restraint.
  2. The colorful aesthetic: Boho style wedding dresses are usually in natural shades such as white, light blue, cream or even cream. The choice of a natural shade fits well with the bohemian idea and gives a romantic and delicate look.
  3. The materials and details: Boho chic wedding dresses are able to combine wonderfully with natural materials such as chiffon, cotton, lace and satin. The small details, such as flowers, ties, hand sewing and more, are concentrated in order to create the overall bohemian style.

Always remember that a wedding is a long and special day. If you have chosen a Boho Chic style wedding dress, and this is the idea, you can enjoy maximum comfort with the help of the soft coats that are pleasant to the touch, low shoes and natural tennis shoes.


A Boho chic style wedding dress is a perfect choice for a couple looking for the most romantic and natural look on the most important day of their life. The style goes well with the modest and natural wedding aesthetic, and it gives the bride and groom the opportunity to feel free and ready for a particularly impressive experience.

At the end of the day, this decision is private and personal, and if the bohemian style is your identity and the boho chic score is what captures your heart, then why not take that step and walk towards the big day naturally and beautifully?

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