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The shared vision: together to the journey of life

The ultra-orthodox couple understands that together they can realize a common vision and walk the journey of life hand in hand. They begin the journey with the understanding that hope is an important engine in the journey of life, and from there they tend to be linked to each other in a special way.

The party of life: celebration and joy

Haredi life is full of partying and celebration, and not for nothing. They understand that life is a precious gift of the Shi'at, and with its help they can create the most wonderful joy in the world. They behave consciously towards their daily lives, and try to make every moment a unique and happy moment. The wedding celebration is just one of the big parties they hold during their lives.

Absolute partnership: together forever

The ultra-orthodox couple knows that complete partnership is the key to happiness and success. They are not only an ideal couple, but also best friends. They share with each other all the difficult and easy moments on their way, and together they face all the challenges that may arise. Whether they are on the highest mountain or in the deepest valley, they keep walking together, because they know they have no limits when they are together.

A special gift: the ultra-Orthodox couple

The ultra-Orthodox couple is a special gift of the Shi'ite. The ultra-orthodox couples know how to hold exciting marriage evenings, in which they conduct themselves according to the deacon, within a religious and traditional framework. They study together the Torah and the ultra-Orthodox ways of life, hold a celebration of Kiddoshin and maintain the love and sanctity between them. They promise that joy and love will accompany them throughout the journey of life together.

Thus, they build together a wonderful ultra-Orthodox existence, in which love, faith and joy are wrapped around each other like a wrapped and satisfying shield. They pride themselves on being part of a great nation that maintains traditional and Jewish values, and they indulge themselves during this journey of love in joy, happiness and sanctification.

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