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כלות בבני ברק

While Waiting: The Holy Days of Preparation

While waiting for the long-awaited marriage, the ultra-Orthodox bride fills her days with spiritual, emotional and physical preparations. The approach to marriage is a fascinating and complex inner journey, in which she faces mixed emotions of hope, worry and composure. The bride strengthens herself in faith, in prayer and in the service of God, and invests enormous effort in order to prepare spiritually and physically for the long-awaited wedding.

The place of prayer: the ultra-Orthodox heart

One of the most important places of connection during the preparation for marriage is the synagogue. The ultra-Orthodox bride understands that the synagogue is not only a place for prayer, but also a place of support and connection to the religious community. She is excited that she is part of a large Jewish community, which preserves the Jewish tradition and faith, and she finds comfort and help in the warm ranks of the members of the community.

The treasure of faith: the Torah as a guide

The Torah is the treasure of orthodox faith and life. It is full of deep tradition, laws, commandments and instructions for the holy life. The ultra-Orthodox bride is busy learning the laws related to a healthy lifestyle

The Parshiyot of the week and delving into the wisdom of the Torah. She understands that the Torah is a guide and a light for her life, and that it provides her with the spiritual tools to deal with life's challenges revealed in marriage.

The happy meals: solidify the spirit and connection

During the preparations for the marriage, the ultra-Orthodox bride is dedicated to happy meals in the circle of family and close friends. These are moments of joy and authority, in which the dreams and expectations of the bride come true. She connects with different people, strengthens the connections and receives the support and love of broad tolerance and patience with the flu of emotions that accompanies this time.

Desires of the heart: transition from girl to woman

The transition from the advantages of a single to an organized life for a woman is an exciting and excellent process. The Orthodox bride understands that she is entering a new framework, a new role and a new sense of responsibility. She leaves behind her the period of personal elections and frees herself up to give herself there with an open mind and readiness to meet the challenges that will come. She awakens to the importance of this transition and the excitement of the new forces she will face as she enters her new role.

Acceptance of the couple: the eternal partnership

Receiving the couple is a critical moment in the preparations for marriage. She understands that her choice in her mate is a critical choice that will affect all areas of life to come. She observes the synagogue club, holy grounds and close friends, has deep conversations with her parents and family members and puts a lot of thought and prayer into her choice. She understands that the relationship is fertile ground for building a common unit, for an eternal partnership in love, support and a view of value.

Hopes and dreams: against the norm

The ultra-orthodox bride experiences special values ​​in her hopes and dreams. She dreams of an abundant Purim life, of sons and daughters who will be great in the Torah and mitzvot, and of a marriage home that will be in keeping with the Torah and the ultra-Orthodox tradition. She invests herself in achieving these dreams and creating spiritual and living foundations that invest in the ultra-orthodox ideology.

Risks and challenges: face with strength and faith

The preparations for the ultra-Orthodox marriage also include dealing with various risks and challenges. The bride understands that she will be strengthened in strength and faith to face difficulties that may arise during the new life. She knows that there will be moments of fatigue and feelings of spiritual abyss, but she knows the value of facing difficulties and faces the challenges with strength of spirit and understanding that this is part of the ultra-Orthodox recruitment process.

Success and blessing: the great gift

The ultra-Orthodox bride waits for the marriage with the hope and confidence that it will be out of sacrifice to God and the Torah tradition. She understands that the extensive preparations she went through, the prayers, the nerves and the ready love she gives - are all part of the holy process and they prepare her to receive blessing and success. The bride's success is a great gift that brings with it a lot of joy and redemption, and she is ready to receive it with gratitude and joy.


The process of preparing for marriage in ultra-Orthodox society is a fascinating and long spiritual journey. The ultra-orthodox bride experiences vague feelings, hopes, dreams and challenges, and she invests all her energies in spiritual, emotional and physical preparation for the long-awaited marriage. She understands the value of tradition and faith, and sanctifies herself in prayer, days of repentance, studying the Torah and accepting ultra-Orthodox legislation. During the days of preparation, she manages to connect the spiritual part with the material part, and create the important family and social ties in her life. With these preparations, the ultra-Orthodox bride brings herself to the next stage of her life, with hope and peace.

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